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Did Ann Romney ask Barack Obama to invite Mitt to lunch to get him out of the house?

Mitt Romney has been hiding out in his Southern California home since his November 6th Presidential Election loss. But tomorrow he will venture out to have lunch at the Whitehouse with Barack Obama.

Many questions are floating in the air about this lunch date. And there is probably very little guidance in any of those etiquette books.

The last time these two men met was on the Presidential debate circuit. All I can remember is how after the debate, up on the stage and the candidates and their families mixed it up, one of Romney’s grandchildren reached over and hugged Mr. Obama’s leg. A proficient team of Secret Service types whisked the child away to an undisclosed location and I fear he is enjoying free room and board down in Guantanamo Bay along with some middle eastern guest.

White House lunch menu – Yum!

But what about this lunch? What could these two rivals possibly talk about?  

Will the President offer Mr. Romney an ambassadorship to some garden spot like Bangladesh,  Iran, Zimbabwe or North Korea?  Anything is possible. To get him to accept Obama could tell him that there is a future Olympics planned for the country.

What could Romney have to say to Obama?

After all the rough campaign language I hope some adult supervision is present at this lunch. These thing could devolve into some kind of physical altercation. Sure in a fair fight Obama would probably kick Mr. Romney ass but I’m sure Mitt will show up with some brass knuckles in

Does Mitt Romney like hamburgers?

his pocket or an a Microsoft Surface he could use as a weapon. Unfortunately that’s about all the Surface is good for.

Maybe Obama will ask Romney for his ideas on how to get the economy heated up again?

Would you like to tap into Obama’s thoughts as Romney outlines his vision? The current President will be a million miles away probably reviewing his secret plan to nationalize the Twinkie company on the basis of national defense.

Which Mitt Romney will show up at the lunch? The good Romney or the bad Romney.

Yes, if you haven’t noticed there are at least two Mitt Romneys walking around. The good Mitt who seems to have it all together and the bad Mitt or Mitts who seem to always say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Usually when there is a video camera of tape recorder near by.

The real Obama Mit will have lunch with

Either way, I’m sorry that the lunch will be a closed-door affair. Couldn’t they just put up a few cameras so we could sort of watch like a fly on the wall? People would pay good money for that if it was set up as a pay-per-view event.  Maybe someone will sneak in a secret camera.

Or maybe… Mitt Romney will be really having lunch with Barack’s eleven-year-old daughter Sasha.  When the invitation went out it just said that Romney would be having lunch at the White House with an Obama.

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